Advantages of an ERP- SAP ABAP Training

ERP software’s have a definite advantage over custom applications as they offer extensive features and integration capabilities.  They can be easily implemented, distributed and efficiently managed enabling businesses to easily manage, analyze and report data so that they can take better decisions and optimize their functioning. Here are a few advantages of using ERP software’s from both business and developmental perspectives.
ERP’s are Predefined: Imagine needing to code an application which would automate the supply chain operations in different countries across the world. This requires extensive domain knowledge, know-how of the supply chain process and regulations of different geographic locations, practical understanding of the operations involved etc. Equipping a developer with this knowledge itself would form a considerable part of the developmental budget. However, a pre-developed ERP supply chain software such an Oracle SCM (Supply Chain Management) will have all the above extensive features and just needs to be customized as per your business requirements. Choosing an ERP is a simple case of not inventing the wheel again, thereby focusing on better moving it.
Follows Global Standards: ERP’s are extensively loaded with a rich set of all inclusive features which cover all the functional aspects of a specific module or segment of the business.  They agree with international norms and widely agreed upon architecture which makes them easy to implement.
Easy to Configure: A skilled ERP consultant can easily configure and customize existing ERP solutions so that it perfectly integrates with your business requirements. It does away with the concept of hiring database professionals, coders, reporting specialists etc as the solution is a macro aggregate which just needs to be configured for a business instance.
Rich set of Features:  ERP’s offer a rich set of features with a component based architecture which allows implements to easily pick a required component and use it within the solutions.  This allows businesses to focus their developmental costs on what they actually require and get the benefit of a comprehensive solution that exactly meets their requirements.
ERP’s are easy to Maintain, Integrate and are Scalable. They can be distributed easily across a network and can have different access levels. Businesses worldwide choose ERP’s for secure, robust, reliable and comprehensive software solutions and get the advantage of a product developed by global software leaders with a rich community of developers and support.
We at Garuda Trainings have developed a series of online SAP training courses on one of the most globally used ERP software-SAP. Our online SAP training modules are led by trainers who are industry experts and come with rich experience in SAP implementation.  Choose us to get the advantage of pursuing an online ERP course with a unique focus on practical utility, exposure to real time scenario, 24/7 support and access, placement and interview assistance, flexible pace and schedule and much more.

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