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The Different Layers in SAP BW BI

SAP BW BI has the below layers-each of which provide an unique functionality in the module. We shall describe in brief about the individual layers and the way they are used in the enterprise solution schema.
1) The ETL Layer (Extract, Transform and Load):  This layer is used for one of the fundamental tasks for […]

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Bug Tracking Database

Bug Tracking Database
The quality assurance paradigms in the software development lifecycle extensively focus on testing the applications for defects-which are deviations from expected behaviour and cause the application to have a different behaviour than that was expected. Such defects are called as Bugs or errors. A bug tracking database is  a collection of bugs, […]

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Types of Projects in SAP BW BI

SAP is one of the most widely used ERP software and has specialized modules for many core and advanced business segments. It allows a complete automation of the business flow, along with extensive reporting and analytic abilities that help in better business management and optimization. SAP commands an enormous market share across the world […]

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Business Content Data Source in SAP BW BI

Business Content Data Source in SAP BW BI

Business Content is one of the characteristic features of SAP and consists of predefined objects-data, role and task models that can be configured for a specific business requirement. It includes roles, queries, workbooks, InfoCubes, extractors etc. Business Content enables a SAP consultant to quickly implement a business […]

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sap bw bi course syllabus

Course Content for SAP BI 7.0/BW 7.3:

Introduction to SAP Business Intelligence

 SAP Net weaver BI Architecture / BI Platform
 Star Schema and Extended Star Schema
 Multidimensional modeling
 Entity Relationship Modeling
 Enterprise Data Modeling
Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis
 SAP BW vs Other Data warehousing Tools
 Data Acquisition / Data Extraction concepts

SAP BW Phases



 Info Area ,Info Object Catalogs
 Info Objects(Characteristics & Key Figures)
 Application […]

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JSP (Java Server Pages) module in online Java training course

Since its launch in 1995 as a programming language and a developmental platform, Java has become
one of the most widely used and popular software languages in the recent times. It can be used

for developing basic to heavy enterprise applications, web services, mobile apps, games and much

more. The USP (Unique Selling Point) of Java is […]

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JDBC Concepts in Online Training Course in Java

Java is one of the most popular and widely used open-source software development languages with a unique feature of being platform independent while being deployed (Based on a Write Once, Run Anywhere model). It’s suitable for developing simple to staggeringly complex enterprise and mobile applications, embedded devices as well as web services. Java is […]

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What is an ERP Software

Effective software solutions are a vital backbone for better management and growth of a business. Changing business needs and a requirement for packaged and configurable set of solutions led to the development of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software’s, which can be easily implemented to different verticals and business segments.  They have a modular and […]

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Why we need ERP?

Imagine a business requirement for automating all the basic functions of a manufacturing industry such as financials, operations management, production, supply chain management, customer support etc. All of these components are different as they involve different data and have varying reporting requirements and levels of access. However, each individual component is already defined as […]

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Advantages of an ERP- SAP ABAP Training

ERP software’s have a definite advantage over custom applications as they offer extensive features and integration capabilities.  They can be easily implemented, distributed and efficiently managed enabling businesses to easily manage, analyze and report data so that they can take better decisions and optimize their functioning. Here are a few advantages of using ERP […]

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