Online Training Course in Cognos

Cognos TrainingCognos has been one of the most  widely used , reliable and performance driven business intelligence and performance management software from the entire gamut of BI offerings. Cognos was acquired by IBM in the year 2008 and since then is a part of the IBM BI and performance management offerings.  It  carries a versatility in its easy to use and implement product offerings which can be used on a single desktop or distributed group and can also be adapted to a large scale enterprise distribution. It enables creating easy reports and interactive applications and much more with extended database and warehouse compatibility. Extended product features enable better analysis, reporting, performance  management, optimization, forecasting and much more. Garuda Trainings offers a career oriented online training course in Cognos that gives you the best flexible advantage in getting equipped for a career in BI and reporting.


  1. Editable reports that can be scaled or augmented-and redistributed  with multidimensional views.
  2. Easy visualization techniques-both for users and self-service analysts.
  3. Extended data connectivity options.
  4. Easy filtering, sorting, drill-down metrics etc help instant access to required information.
  5. User focused BI analytics help users better connect and customize the data as per their specific requirement.
  6. Statistical analysis capabilities.
  7. Faster report development and distribution.
  8. Ease of accessibility and development
  9. Task, user and event management integrated for better collaboration.
  10. Mobile integration for better accessibility.
  11. Optimized query management with in-memory capabilities and load controls.
  12. Also offered under a Cloud  model
  13. Support for Big Data and real time analytics.
  14. Scalable and built on open standards.

Product Offerings:

  1. IBM Cognos Insight-For desktop applications.
  2. IBM Cognos Express-For medium enterprises and collaborative users across a wider model.
  3. IBM Cognos Enterprise

Our online training course in Cognos gives course-seekers a perfect online platform to get trained by an expert set of faculty that comes with rich consulting and corporate training experience. The course is designed to perfectly help you understand the basics of the Cognos suite and its use in real-time BI and data analysis. The online Cognos training course gives you all the comparable advantages of a regular classroom training-along with 3 months of hosted server access, study material, extended focus on BI application modeling along with rich real-time scenarios by trainers with some of best comparable experience in the industry.

Choose us for a dream career in Cognos-either as a fresher to BI or as a seasoned professional looking to change their work domain.