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About Visual Studio.NET: The Visual Studio suite from Microsoft has consistently been the most flexible and feature rich IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developing custom software owing to its rich support for rapid GUI (Graphical User Interface) driven data and reporting applications.  It has become a De Facto tool for small to medium desktop standalone and distributed applications, Web applications &services etc, with a extensive set of features and programming support for C, C+, VB.NET, C# etc. Skilled Visual Studio developers are always in high demand with attractive pay packages and excellent career growth in a wide range of industry segments and verticals globally. We wish that students would take advantage of our Dot Net Online training modules to become skilled Visual Studio developers by studying at their own pace and convenience with the help of our interactive guided sessions. Our training modules are developed by a talented pool of expert developers so as to give you the blended advantage of expert curriculum as well as through exposure of real time scenarios.

Course Contents: The instructor led online course modules begin with an introduction to Visual Studio, the Dot Net framework, common language specifications (CLS) and much more. Separate modules are included for Visual Basic.NET, OOP, GUI development, ADO.NET for database interactions, Web services and applications using ASP.NET, common web utilities such as sessions, cookies and caching and the C# programming language. The well structured training module helps you become a full-fledged developer with thorough exposure to all essential features of Visual Studio.

Dot Net Online Training from Garuda

Why Choose us for a successful Career in .NET: We at Garuda training have put together a set of well structured training modules for Dotnet (As Visual Studio is popularly known ) enabling aspiring professionals to thoroughly grasp the fundamentals, features, syntax  and coding standards of Visual Studio to enable them to achieve success in their career.  Real time examples and a step by step learning process help students get exposed to practical scenarios which would be of immense use in their interview evaluation and career.  Our endeavor is not only to get you the best of the curriculum but also guide you in your interview preparation, placement, career and certifications.

Course Prerequisites:  Students need to have good analytical skills with working

Our Online Dot net Online training Course Highlights:
Primary advantage of completing the course at your own schedule by choosing weekday or weekend training slots
Students can take the advantage of interactive training sessions led by expert trainers and can also record these sessions
Students can enroll for a initial demo so that they can check the course content and curriculum before enrolling
24/7 access to training materials and technical support
Placement assistance and guidance on resume preparation, interview questions and associated certifications
An unique practical approach in training which helps  students get equipped for career and interview challenges
Students can enroll for a initial demo so that they can check the course content and curriculum before enrolling

Introduction to .Net Online Training

Course Syllabus