SAP BO Crystal Reports Training

What is SAP BO Crystal Reports

: SAP has consistently been one of the most popular software in the ERP, CRM, BW, and BO (Business Objects) sectors with a wide range of modules giving businesses the very advantage they look forward to. SAP BO Crystal Reports is a specific business intelligence tool that enables developers to create custom interactive reports from a wide range of simple to complex data sources and present it in a format which easily supports business decision making. Crystal Reports was the most popular and feature-rich third-party reporting tool till it was acquired by Business Objects in 2003 and later made a SAP constituent with a focus on being a complete reporting and BI (Business Intelligence) solution for small businesses.

SAP BO Crystal Reports Online Training From Garuda Trainings:


  • Easy reporting abilities, visual interpretations, analytics, dashboards and data discovery utilities
  • Ability to connect with various data sources, XML, text files etc.
  • Secure, collaborative, easily monitored and distributed
  • Create interactive reports, statements with extensive data visualization options.
  • Helps businesses better their decision making process with ease of usage and extensive features.
  • Course Prerequisites:  The online SAP BO Crystal Reports course requires a basic knowledge in software applications with good logical and analytical skills. Exposure to databases and reports is an added advantage as this would help you understand the curriculum better.

For your Career

: SAP BO Crystal Reports developers and BI Consultants have been consistently in great demand because of its extensive features, data integrations and adaptability to a small to medium size business model. Our endeavor in designing this online course is to give our users the essential competitive advantage for a successful career. Extensive course modules covering all fundamental and advanced aspects are carefully prepared by industry experts giving you the best collection of resources developed with a keen sense of practical usage and utility for your career.

Our Advantage We offer a comprehensive curriculum designed to help you thoroughly understand the fundamentals of data analysis, report design and common BI techniques. The online SAP BO Crystal Reports course is prepared with an extra emphasis on practical exposure so as to help you in your career.  Choose us for the below advantages so that you can complete the course at your own pace and convenience.

Highlights of the Online Training course:

  • Choose an initial Demo to know the course better at your own flexibility
  • Interactive sessions for better understanding
  • Exhaustive training material authored by industry experts
  • 24/7 Support and access to training resources
  • Tips on resume preparation and interview evaluation
  • Guidance on SAP certification
  • Course includes real time scenarios, exercises and assessments
  • Session recording capability apart from the advantage of studying at your own pace and timings.

Course Syllabus

Course Content for BO Crystal Reports:
Overview & Concepts

  • Data warehouse Concepts
  • Necessity of Crystal Reports
  • Data Ware Housing Concepts
  • Star Schema
  • Snowflake Schema

Planning a Report

  • Define database concepts
  • Plan and develop a report prototype
  • Creating a Report
  • Create a report
  • Add tables
  • Describe the design environment
  • Insert objects on a report Preview a report
  • Save a report
  • Position and size objects
  • Format objects
  • Selecting Records
  • Define the Select Expert
  • Determine the criteria for record selection
  • Understanding saved and refreshed data
  • Apply record selection
  • Apply additional record selection criteria
  • Modify record selection
  • Apply time-based record selection

Organizing Data on a Report

  • Sort records
  • Group records
  • Summarize data

Formatting a Report

  • Add graphical elements
  • Combine text objects with database fields
  • Apply specialized formatting
  • Insert fields with pre-built functions

Applying Section Formatting

  • Format sections
  • Create a summary report

Creating Basic Formulas

  • Define a formula and its purpose
  • Create formulas
  • Apply Boolean formulas
  • Apply If-Then-Else formulas
  • Apply date calculations
  • Apply number calculations
  • Apply string manipulation

Applying Conditional Reporting

  • Determine trends in data
  • Format data conditionally

Representing Data Visually

  • Create a chart

Distributing a Report

  • Export a report
  • Save a report to BusinessObjects™ Enterprise

Crystal Reports – Business Reporting Solutions

  • Using the Repository
  • Use the repository
  • Create a report from a repository data source

Creating Formulas
Use functions and operators
Managing Reports
Use the Workbench
Publish reports to BusinessObjects Enterprise
Using Variables and Arrays

  • Use variables
  • Use arrays

Using Report Templates

  • Apply report templates
  • Build a template without a data source
  • Remove a template

Building Parameterized Reports

  • Define and create parameters
  • Build a report with multiple parameters
  • Use edit masks and descriptions
  • Create a date range parameter
  • Group using parameters

Summarizing Data with Cross tabs

  • Build a basic cross tab
  • Format a cross tab

Using Report Sections

  • Use sections
  • Use group related functions to format sections
  • Use section underlay
  • Use multiple-column reporting

Building Specialized Reports

  • Use the Running Total Expert
  • Create a form letter
  • Add a hyperlink to a report
  • Use Dynamic Graphic Locations
  • Build a report with alerts
  • Build a top N report

Crystal Reports: Report processing strategies

  • Report Processing
  • Use multi-pass reporting
  • Use evaluation time functions
  • Use a dynamic array

Using Subreports

  • Define subreports
  • Create an unlinked subreport
  • Create a linked subreport
  • Create an on-demand subreport
  • Use shared variables with subreports
  • Link “unlinkable” data with subreports
  • Describe alternate solutions to using subreports

Creating Complex Formulas

  • Use Print State functions
  • Use loop control structures
  • Use loop control structures with arrays
  • Using Custom Functions
  • Describe a custom function
  • Use custom functions
  • Using XML and Web Services Data
  • Use XML and web services data
  • Use a transform in XML exporting

Highlights of our training:

  • Real time Industry Experienced Trainer.
  • Online Training gives the flexibility to learn from your desk
  • Interactive Training session using web conferencing tool
  • Normal track, weekend and fast track classes according to convenience
  • Student will be provided session recording capability to record each session
  • Recording will help you to replay the sessions any number of times
  • We provide Training Material, Exercises and Real Time Examples for Course
  • Resume preparation and Certification Guidance
  • We will provide class and demo session at student flexible timings.
  • In training case studies and real time scenarios covered.