SAP implementation lifecycle

In the lifecycle of a SAP remedy, it is necessary to analyze the features and performance of the remedy developed by developers. Workplace with SAP examining, SAP provides an atmosphere for all stages of examining, you can use to analyze in the following cases:

The performance of SAP solutions:
1) Incorporation of new elements and business circumstances.
2) Client Growth.
3) The function assessments for all the features.
4) Incorporation examining with other elements in the incorporated atmosphere.
5) Updates/changes regression examining.
6) Transfer support programs.

Integration Features and Test Preparation:
1) Growth of guide analyze situations and computerized.
2) Management guide and computerized analyze situations .
3) Growth of analyze programs.
4) Determine and manage a series of assessments.

Test performance Phase:
1) Test interaction with the analyze device extended desktop computer and Computer Assisted Test Tool.
2) Incorporation analyze situations and analyze programs from non-SAP providers.
3) Allocate perform lists (probes) for individual evaluators.

Test Assessment Phase:
1) ongoing improvement vision analyze and analyze outcomes.
2) Complete certification of the examining process into analyze programs (test situations, explanations of analyze situations, analyze outcomes, notes of analyze situations, error messages).
3) A detailed evaluation of all analyze programs in tables and charts.
4) Trade analyze outcomes of the Office applications.
5) message handling.

Generally examining has two ways, one being, system integration examining, this will be conducted by the SAP group of the vendor, and the second being, the customer approval examining (UAT) is conducted on customer’s group in the customer’s location. UAT usually conducted by the end customer to analyze the remedy is working fine.

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