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SAP stands for System Analysis and Program development which consists of fully integrated modules which covers every aspects of the business management. It is the former name of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).  It was founded by five former IBM engineers Claus Wellenreuther, Dietmar Hopp, Hans-Werner  Hector, Hasso  Plattner and Klaus Tschira in 1972. Later the name changed as System Applications and Products in Data Processing  and it became the third largest software vendor in the world and the top leader in market for enterprise application software.
Actually it was founded with a vision of providing Standard Application software for real time data processing as a private firm in Germany. The following are the achievements  by SAP :
1973- Launched its first Financial Accounting system RF and named as SAP R/1.
1976- First transition was made from private partnership and named as Gmbh.
1977- Shifted its head quarters to a place named Walldorf.
1979- SAP R/2 was launched expanding its capabilities.
1981- SAP launched a redesigned  product into the market.
1986- First international subsidiary was opened in Austria.
1988- Became a public traded company as SAP AG.
1992- SAP developed and released R/3 version through 1995.
1999- Awarded as Industry week’s Best Managed Companies. Launched a new strategy combining the ERP apps with e-commerce solutions.
2003- strategy turned into SAP Net weaver which is an integration and application platform which is able to design business application for end-end support.
2008 – SAP gained many Business Objects.
2010 – SAP acquired Sybase in a important move and became the largest business software and service provider in IT and mobile data use.
2011- Bought the biggest manufacturer of cloud software Success Factors.
Now SAP has 176,000 customers around the globe and 54,000 employees working for its development in more than 75 countries.

Definition of SAP Modules:
SAP SD : SAP Sales and Distribution which supports activities in sales.
SAP MM: SAP Materials Management which supports procurement  and inventory functions like purchasing.
SAP PP: SAP Product Planning is used to control the manufacturing activities.
SAP QM : SAP Quality Management which supports quality control with inspection.
SAP PM : SAP Plant Maintenance is  manufacturing process where the set up can be rebuild and service maintenance provided.
SAP HR : SAP Human Resources is an integrated system for supporting the planning and control of personnel activities.
SAP FI : SAP Financial Accounting is designed for automated management and external reporting of financial accounts.
SAP CO : SAP Controlling is used to represent the institute’s flow of cost and revenue. It is used for managerial reporting.
SAP AM : SAP Asset Management manages individual aspects.
SAP PS : SAP Project System supports the planning, control and monitoring of complex projects.
SAP WF: SAP Workflow links the integrated SAP application modules with cross application technologies.
SAP IS : SAP Industry Solutions brings SAP applications and additional industry specific functionality together like Banking.

The following figure illustrates the classification of SAP modules.

Advantages of SAP:
The benefits with SAP are :

  • Integration
  • Flexibility
  • Real-Time data processing and reporting
  • Designed for all types of business
  • Worldwide usage
  • Multiple language support
  • Multiple currency support
  • Common set of data
  • Easy way to solve Y2k problem
  • Allow departments to each other
  • A way to force BPR (reengineering)
  • Help in integrating applications for decision making and planning

The following figure shows all the advantages that are behind  SAP and what are the key factors which makes SAP popular.

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