Online Training Course in Tableau

TableauTableau is one of most emerging platforms for enterprise business intelligence-with an advantage of easy data integration, connectivity along with ease of development strategic business analytics.  It gives interactive data visualizations-which form the basis for easy analysis of strategic data.  The suite is offered on a scalable deployment model-from desktop applications to a cloud hosted service. It seamlessly connects to spreadsheets, data warehouse models, big data as well as distributed data models-giving real-time analytics. A study by Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms-2014 ranks Tableau as one of the emerging leaders in the BI platform.

The software range of products feature on the below core and extended features. Its offered as a desktop version, server and a cloud model.

  • Easy of data connectivity  and development.
  • Interactive application development-from graphs, visualization storyboards and much more.
  • Ease of integrating them across various environments and deployment platforms.
  • Self-Service models-giving easy advantage to data analysts.
  • Sharing and collaborative development made easy
  • Reporting and statistical inferences.
  • Accessible from web, mobile and tablet platforms.
  • Extended data security.
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Speed and agility of BI for various domains and platforms

The benefits of our online training course in Tableau:

  • Flexible course schedules as per your requirement-suited for both students and working professionals.
  • Competitive pricing-with assured quality.
  • Practical oriented training with an emphasis on real-time insights and best practices.
  • Remote Access to software for practice.
  • Designed to help you succeed in your interview evaluations and future career.
  • Dedicated Faculty with rich consulting and training experience.
  • An interactive non-obligatory demo session to know the course better before joining
  • Accessible from any internet connection with complete interactivity.
  • 24/7 support and access to downloadable study material