Testing Web Applications in Software Quality Assurance

Web testing involves running test procedures on web based applications, services, ecommerce sites, static and dynamic websites, intranet etc. The basic test tasks involve running test procedures for testing cross-browser compatibility, text and image loading, loading speed, secure access pages, database interactions, security aspects etc. Skilled Web testing professionals have excellent career opportunities as more and more applications are being deployed on the web-as against conventional desktop or shared network software.

We have a separate set of modules on web testing for our online course in software quality assurance. They include a thorough understanding on the concepts of web testing along with modules on different types of testing tools used for web testing.

Essential Aspects of Web Testing:

1) Functionality Testing: Checking the essential functional aspects of the web application or site. This majorly includes verifying the intended workflow, input-output correlation, data integrity etc.

2) Usability Testing: This includes an extensive testing of the GUI to ensure user-friendliness. Includes checking text, graphics,  navigation etc.

3) Interface Testing:Usually for the web application server and the database server.

4) Compatibility Testing: This is an essential testing sequence where we check the performance of the web application across different browsers and see if there is any loss of features. It also includes testing different types of operating systems, screen resolutions as well as checking the page printing options.

5) Performance Testing: This branch of web testing includes load and stress testing. Its primarily used to check if the site would support a heavy load of traffic-or would crash in such a scenario.

6) Security Testing:All security aspects of the website are tested here. They can be user-specific functions, events, authentication, access requests etc.

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