TIBCO Run-time Agent (TRA)

The TIBCO Run-time Agent (TRA) provides basic connectivity between the adapter and other TIBCO infrastructure tools.
The TRA has two main functions:

Supplies an agent that is running in the background on each machine.

  • The agent is responsible for starting and stopping processes that run on a machine according to the deployment information.
  • The agent monitors the machine. That information is then visible via TIBCO Administrator.

 Supplies the run-time environment, that is, all shared libraries including third-party libraries.
TIBCO Domain Utility:

The TRA contains the TIBCO Domain Utility, which is used to manage the components available on a TIBCO administration domain. The utility allows you to:

Add or remove a machine to a TIBCO administration domain.

Add or remove the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service server plug-in to a TIBCO administration domain.

Change TIBCO Rendezvous parameters. Changing TIBCO Rendezvous parameters is an advanced option performed only by users familiar with TIBCO Rendezvous. If you perform this task, you must perform it on each machine in the TIBCO administration domain, then restart the TIBCO Administration Server.

Change TIBCO administration domain credentials. Changing domain credentials is an advanced option. You must perform it on the machine where the TIBCO Administration Server is installed.

Remove a secondary TIBCO Administration Server.

Enable TIBCO administration domain and security management on a machine where TIBCO Administrator has been installed.

Migrate previous TIBCO Administrator installations.

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