Advantages of Automation testing :

Automation testing is the usage of special software to operate the test executions and the comparison of original output to the predicted output. Automation uses its strategies, methods, tools and artifacts that reduce the involvement of human in the process.
Automation means taking your manual tests and automating them using a tool and language of your choice.

• Functional, Regression, Exception, Stress testings can be done automatically.
• Performance of the system will be adequate providing assurance.
• It is a standalone test environment which includes test database that is restorable to a known constant.
• Load test can be done by determining the points at which the performance can become degraded to the situation.
• These are run by tools and runs much faster than manual testing.
• Every feature will be covered within the application.
• A test suite is created by testers to cover every feature within the application.
• We can reduce the number of resources required for the regression testing and therefore this will become a benefit. Automation testing helps to save the time by reducing the run test time. This increases the quality of the software and testing process by the features if reliability and repeatability of the test suite. This increases the test coverage by applying skills.

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