Better understanding Test Scenario’s in online Quality Assurance Course

In our quest to better equip students for a successful career in testing, we have structured our course

in Quality Assurance (Testing) to address practical scenarios in a simpler but comprehensive way. The

concept of “Test Scenarios” requires extra emphasis and importance as it identifies all scenarios to be

tested for that particular application from an end-user’s perspective. These individual scenario’s form

the building blocks of the core testing process as they breakdown the actual test process into logical

steps which need to be divided and individually tested. They also help in designing the actual test cases

and are very helpful in designing complex and combinational scenarios which represents the actual

set of steps a user would be taking while using that application. A well structured set of test scenarios

would adequately cover all the instances that need to be tested by breaking them into individual blocks

or user generated sequence of steps. Students can take this online Quality Assurance course right from

their desktops and have a successful career in testing.

Role of a test scenario in the Testing Process: In defining a test scenario, we take into account the

actual working of the application as per the given business flow, and see how it performs in the hands of

the end-user. It can be seen as a very important constituent of the testing process as it allows evaluation

of the practical objectives of the application in the hands of the end-user which is the ultimate goal of

the testing process. It can be understood that a test scenario will consist of many associated test cases

as each unit of the user action might need a separate test case. For example, a sample scenario can have

the functionality of the application login screen to be tested. For such a scenario, we have multiple test

cases such as those involving different field actions (username and password) by the user etc.

How does it help for a Successful career in Testing?: This module in the online testing course helps

students better understand the different ways to create a test scenario. The main aspects that help

in generating an effective test scenario are emphasized; such as from Use Cases (From actual user-
application interaction), from breaking down the core functionalities (Individual features/services of

the application), and from a transactional viewpoint (Here the status of an entity is changed by user

transactions when a specific feature of the application is used). This is for the student to understand the

importance of preparing effective test scenarios and applying them to better address the test process

by creating effective test cases. This helps them in practically understanding the test process better and

they can develop an analysis of the test process from an end-users viewpoint by following our specially

designed online Quality Assurance course in software testing.

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