Bug Tracking Database

Bug Tracking Database

The quality assurance paradigms in the software development lifecycle extensively focus on testing the applications for defects-which are deviations from expected behaviour and cause the application to have a different behaviour than that was expected. Such defects are called as Bugs or errors. A bug tracking database isĀ  a collection of bugs, their instances, location, description etc and is usually stored in an accessible location that can be used by both the testing and the development team. The testing team stores the bugs encountered in this format,whereas the development team works on individual bugs and corrects the erroneous could that caused them in the first place. It can be called a log of the testing team and is one of the most important document in the testing lifecycle. A bug tracking database gives an accurate idea of the quality of the tested version of the software and updating it is a continuous process which carries on till the end of the testing lifecycle.

Bug Tracking Database- Essentials

1) A bug tracking database must be easily accessible and descriptive. It should depict the bugs accurately along with their specific instances and the probable cause of deviation.

2) Its often integrated with the project management system to effectively monitor its updates.

3) It allows configuring the bugs based on their severity, complexity, category and status and allows two-way updates.

4) A bug or a defect needs an correction-and the bug tracking system should have an inherent facility to allow the bug to be assigned to a specific developer or a team.

4) Many popular automated testing softwares such as HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Suite etc have their own built-in bug tracking module so that the defects can be easily tracked. Apart from popular third party bug tracking systems such as FogBigz, BugZilla etc-which easily integrate with testing environment-there are also custom bug tracking solutions that are used by specialized development team for their specific needs.

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