Business Content Data Source in SAP BW BI

Business Content Data Source in SAP BW BI

Business Content is one of the characteristic features of SAP and consists of predefined objects-data, role and task models that can be configured for a specific business requirement. It includes roles, queries, workbooks, InfoCubes, extractors etc. Business Content enables a SAP consultant to quickly implement a business scenario using the existing data model thereby reducing time and cost.  It can be used as it is for a particular industry, or can be modified and also made as a template for future usage.

Business Content in SAP BI includes the following:

1) Roles

2) Variables

3) Workbooks

4) Process Chains

5) InfoSources

6) InfoObjects

7) InfoCubes

8) Data Targets

9) Variables

10) Data Mining Models

11) Queries

12) Extractors

13) Data Sources

14) Analytical Applications

Business Content Versions: There are three versions of business content in SAP. The Delivery (D) version comes along with the SAP Suite. The Modified (M) version is where the specific changes are made to the Delivery version. The Active (A) version is the active business content that is used in the implementation.

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