Introduction to Guidewire

 Introduction to Guidewire :
The Guidewire is the set of significant software that boards the insurance marketplaces industry. The Guidewire group consists of Insurance Suite, Policy Center, Billing Center, Claim Center, and a number of Add-on Modules. Guidewire is refined and existing if compared to other software in the industry, being rich in features. Also, the insurance companies can use the Guidewire group completely.
Guidewire provides an effective tool which is used by insurance companies. Guidewire technology follows three principal goals which are helpful to understand the technology more. Three principal goals are –
• Flexible software that must keep evolving
• Defining and supporting specific user journey, and
• One-mind design
In Guidewire, Flexibility represents the specific needs of end users as it supports the whole set of operations. And the evolving is represented as the responsibility which is to be ensured before deploying any applications to the end users. It also represents the responsibility to continuously update the technology. As in the second principal, defining and supporting are the two key aspects which specifies the user path. It is also helpful to ensure user experiences. The third principal represents the product integrity. Guidewire technology platform uses Java to build applications.
The modern architecture is used to build and design Guidewire platform. Also the uniqueness of Guidewire platform is “there is no need of installing software on the desktops of end users”. Guidewire can interact with other platforms or applications easily. If there are n number of users using the application at the same time, then Guidewire can handle all the users in the same concurrent time. It is compatible with all the operating systems, databases, and servers. Before deploying it to the end user community, it goes through a lot of tests and development cycles.
Advantages of Using Guidewire:
Guidewire contains few features like Rule Engine, Business Process Management, Configuration, Integration and Security. The salient features of Guidewire brings a number of advantages of using Guidewire to the users –
• Guidewire configurability provides complete control over applications.
• Easy to use application provided by Guidewire is attracting more companies to use this software.
• The robust integration layer can work inside or outside both ways.
• The core system portfolio is helpful to share knowledge across other platforms.
• Even the added advantage is they can work immediate if they know basics of Guidewire applications.
• Automated tests project system helps to deliver critical new functionality.