Policy Center Integrations

Integration is the key aspect in Guidewire technology as it allows applications to integrate with interfaces. Before configuration, there are few mandatory and optional points which need to be covered. In Guidewire, Policy Center is supple and available to integrate with interfaces. Here, we have listed few of the points that are checked to integrate.

· Legacy Policy Administration Systems: Administration systems allow user to update policies. In result, policy data can be imported into Policy Center. It also includes handling of all the transactions including frontend and backend both.

· Claim System: Claim represents the information being sent to the claim systems. Claim contains the information which is being sent against a policy. The information consists of the number and type of the policy and sends by Policy Center.

· Billing System: A send and receive action is performed when the policy changes. When a policy is created by a user, billing information is exported by Policy Center.

· Print Issuance System: Print Issuance system is responsible for printing part such as printing of policy forms and letters.

· Document Storage System: Document Storage system is responsible for the documents to be stored.

· Database Warehouse/ Reporting System: Database Warehouse/ Reporting system handles the reporting part.

· Authentication System: Authentication system allows users to authenticate from other interfaces.

· Contact Management or Address Book Application: An address book application is required to store and maintain contact information. Policy Center provides this application to users to maintain or create a contact management system.

· VIN (Vehicle Identification) Service: To check VIN information, you can use VIN (Vehicle Identification) Service. A demo can be used to avail Vehicle Identification service.

· Producer Management System: All the information related to the product such as codes and the producer information is managed by Producer Management System.

· Vendor Management System: If a system is required to manage vendor related information, then it also provides vendor management system.

· Sales Portal or Application: Businesses can choose a difference process to collect information so that they can submit their proposal. Sales portal or application is used for this purpose.

· Actuarial/ Statistical System: Actuarial/Statistical system is responsible for actuarial analysis of data shared by Policy Center.

· State Insurance Bureaus/ Department of Insurance: State Insurance Bureaus/Department of Insurance is responsible for tracking follow-up information for each policy. Also, it performs a number of duties. It is also responsible for sending back suggested rates and experience modification information.

· Address Normalization and Validation Services: Address Normalization and Validation services provides normalization and validation services. It also consists of addresses including street addresses, PIN code.

· Credit Rating system: A request information can be raised about an insured policy administration system by using credit rating system.