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Online Java Training Course

Garuda Trainings offers a comprehensive career oriented online training course in Java with a a special focus on building your application skills for your future career and interview evaluations. Our course in Core and Advanced Java is taught by an expert Java trainer with rich programming experience in Corporate MNC profiles along with having led many individual and corporate training batches. The interactive online course can be taken by students, fresh graduates, and professionals aspiring for a career in Java at the comfort of their own location. You can choose from flexible batch timings and the scheduled pace for the course and get the complete benefit of an well-structured curriculum taught by an expert Java developer in interactive online training sessions.

Our online training course in Java is structured into the below modules and students can choose from any or a combination of them based on their training requirement. Please refer to the course curriculum at the end of the page along with an estimated number of hours for completion of each modules. Depending on your understanding which determines the pace for the sessions-the time-frame would also extend a bit against the regular estimate.

Online Java Training Course-Modules:

Core Java: This module begins with an introduction to Java, concepts of OOPS, Java language semantics, constructors, packages along with exception handling, multi-threading, I/O programming, GUI programming, Applets and collection frameworks and utilities. Please refer to the core Java course contents for an elaboration of the individual topics. Estimated time-20 Hours.

Advanced Java:

The online training course in Advanced Java covers networking, database programming, servlets and JSP. Estimated time-20 Hours.

JQuery: This modules includes JQuery, effects, DOM model, filters, JSON, JQuery Ajax, UI and plugin development. The course in JQuery also includes a project using the above technologies. Estimated time-20 Hours.

JSF (Java Server Faces): The JSF course includes components, convertors, validators, navigation, bean types, AJAX, event handling and internalization along with an included project for better understanding. Estimated time-22 Hours.

Spring: The Spring modules includes Spring IOC, JDBC, MVC and AOP. Estimated time-29 Hours.

Online Training Course in Java-Features:

  1. Well-structured curriculum which thoroughly covers all the essential aspects of Java, OOPS,
  2. Interactive online training sessions allowing complete interactivity between the student and the trainer.
  3. A scalable curriculum that allows you complete understanding of a particular module along with emphasis on building your practical application skills.
  4. Our online training course in Java also has daily assessments which would be shared to you at the end of the individual sessions. They are designed by the trainer to help you understand and apply the course modules better and would be discussed with you in the ensuring sessions after you submission. This allows you to adapt to the learning curve and helps the trainer monitor and improve  your progress in the course. Very few online training courses operating batches in Java offer such a facility and we wish that aspiring course seekers would take the complete benefit of such an initiative.
  5. Access to study materials.
  6. Tips and discussions on building your technical interview skills for success in interview evaluations
  7. The option of enrolling for a free demo session at your convenient timings so that you can get to know the curriculum and mode of instruction better.
  8. Affordably priced course modules with a value driven advantage for your career.
  9. The online sessions can be accessed from your home computer, smartphone or a tablet.

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