SAP BODS Online Training


SAP BODS Online Training

SAP BODS or Business Objects Data Services is an ETL tool previously known as BODI i.e. Business Objects Data Integrator. SAP BODS Online Training is to provide quality training under the professional experts. A pool of expert trainers on all technologies is available to train the students.

It is not always possible for everyone to continue a course going to the class or an institute while they are working. So it is a great opportunity for them to sit at home and train themselves under the guidance of the best trainers around the world.

SAP BODS Online Training From Garuda:

To take up this course one need have some basic knowledge about the programming, students of IT are preferable and the professionals who are already in this line of computers can take up this online course.

SAP BODS instructors with real time experience plus expert orientation in SAP BODS training are available to instruct the trainees online. This offers:

Highlights of our training:

  • Interactive learning at learners convenience
  • Industry’s best trainers
  • Learn at your place
  • Customized curriculum
  • 24×7 system access
  • 24*7 technical supports
  • All topics coverage with solutions.
  • Courses are highly affordable
  • Support after training
  • Resume preparation
  • Guidance in certification
  • Assistance in interviews

Online Training is very beneficial which doesn’t need any additional equipment at one’s location except the computer and the internet. Online training is delivered through internet in presence of the computer. It helps one to learn in a non-stressful environment. An online training course gives the advantages of self-placed training and training uniformity.

The main objective of the online training is to provide IT Trainings to the fresh learners and also the professionals who have the urge to know more. This online training facility can be access from any part of the world. The efficient faculties and trainers will train the students staying anywhere using the latest communication technologies.

Course Curriculum of SAP BODS Online Training

The course curriculum of SAP BODS Online Training consists of:

  • Introduction –

What is data ware houses? Functions of the data warehouses and implementation, Data warehouses products and vendors, About SAP and their products, Functions, benefits and limitations etc


  • SAP BO data service overview –

About data services, Introduction, functions, Data Services Product evolution, BODS object naming standards and object comparisons


  • SAP BODS –

Basic level includes the BODS respiratory, creation and up gradation.


  • Data store and formats –

Data store overview and types, data store creations, data extraction from data base table etc


  • SAP BODS transforms –

Transforms and category, data integration, data transfer etc


  • SAP BODS Advanced Level –

BODS Admin console – Administration, auto reporting, embedded data flows etc


  • System handling –

SAP systems and terminology, integration etc

Nowadays as online training has been gradually developing as a major industry with many trainers depending to train students and employees from all over the world. SAP BODS Online Training is the best quality training where the trainees can attend the class from anywhere from the globe, more cost effective and it also benefits one’s precious time and money. 

SAP BO Data Service Overview

  • Data warehouse Concepts.
  •  ETL Concepts.
  •  History of Business Objects.
  •  Versions of Business Objects.
  •  What is SAP Business Objects Data Services / Data Integrator ?
  •  BODS Installation Process.
  •  Classification of Server & Client Components.
  •  Architecture before BODS 3.2 & After BODS 3.2.
  •  BODS Objects & Object Hierarchy
  •  BODS Objects Naming Standards

SAP BO Data Services – Basic Level

  •  BODS Repository Manager
  •  Repository Types – Local, Central Secure, Central Non-Secure, Profile
  •  Repository Creation & Up-gradations.
  •  Server Manager(Job Server) – Repository Assignment, Job Server Creation
  •  Management Console – Introduction & Components
  •  Data Service Designer – Introduction & GUI

Data store & Formats

  • Data store – Overview & Types
  •  Data store creation – Database, SAP, Adapter and Web service
  •  Formats – Flat file, DTD, XSD, COBOL, .xls, .xlsx
  •  Data Extraction from Database Tables
  •  Data Extraction from Excel Workbook – Single/Multiple Sheets
  •  Data Extraction from flat files (CSV, Notepad)
  •  Data Extraction from XML FILE (DTD, XSD)
  •  Data Extraction from COBOL Copybooks
  •  Data Distribution to flat file & XML
  •  Data Distribution to database tables.
  •  Dynamic Extraction – File Selection & Sheet Selection

SAP BO Data Services-Transforms

  •  Transforms & Category (DI,PF,DQ)
  •  Data Integrator – Date Generation
  •  Data Integrator – Pivot
  •  Data Integrator – Reserve_Pivot
  •  Data Integrator – Effective_Data
  •  Data Integrator – Hierarchy_Flattering
  •  Data Integrator – Data Transfer
  •  Data Integrator – XML_Pipeline
  •  Data-Integrator – History _Preserving
  •  Data-Integrator – Key _Generation
  •  Platform – Case
  •  Platform – Map_Operation
  •  Platform – Merge
  •  Platform – Query
  •  Platform – SQL
  •  Platform – Validation
  •  Data Quality – Country2IDChar
  •  Data Quality – GeoCoder
  •  Data Quality – GlobalAddressCleanse
  •  Data Quality – DataCleanse
  •  Data Quality – Match

SAP BO Data Services – Advance Level

  •  BODS Admin Console-Administration
  •  Real time Jobs, Embedded Data Flows
  •  Substitution Parameters
  •  Debugging Usage
  •  System Configuration
  •  BODS Performance Tuning Techniques

Controlling SAP BO Data Services Jobs

Error handling

  •  Try/Catch Techniques


  •  Implementation of if-else scenario
  •  Data Assessment

While-Loop implementation

Recovery Mechanisms

  •  Job as recovery unit
  •  Workflow as a recovery unit
  • Data flow as a recovery unit

Variables and Parameters

  •  Global Variables
  •  Local Variables
  •  Parameters and it’s types
  •  Built-in and Custom functions

Data Assessment

  •  Data Assessment using Data Profiler
  •  Prerequisites to perform the Data Profiling
  •  Types of Data Profiling
  •  Importance of validation transform with Data Profiling

Multi-User Environment

Multi-user Development and Environment setup

  •  Defining Central repository
  •  Difference between Central and Local repository
  •  Difference between Secured and Non secure central repository
  •  Activation of Central repository from local repository
  •  Checking in,Checking out,Getting,Filtering,Checking,Labeling objects from central repository

Migrating Multi-User Jobs

  •  Copying contents b/w Central repositories
  •  Central repository migration

Working with SAP Applications

  •  Steps to integrate SAP BW and Data Services
  •  Defining an SAP Net Weaver BW Source data store
  •  Defining an SAP Net Weaver BW Target data store
  •  Steps to Integrate SAP ECC and Data Services
  •  Process involved in the data extraction b/w SAP ECC and BODS
  •  Creation of SAP Application Data store
  •  SAP Tables & Hierarchies Data Extraction
  •  Reading data from SAP Extractors
  •  Reading data from SAP Net Weaver BW
  •  Setting up the RFC Server interface in BODS Management console
  •  Reading the Info Provider through SAP Open Hub Service
  •  Creating and running a job to read an Open Hub table
  •  Loading into SAP Net Weaver BW 

Slowly Changed Dimension Capture and CDC

  •  SCD Type1
  •  SCD Type2
  •  SCD Type3

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