QA Online training:

Quality Assurance is the systematic process to check whether the product developed from the company is perfect and meeting the requirements specified for the product.This Quality Assurance was introduced in World War II when the weapons used were inspected and tested after manufacturing, but now the situation have changed and every company is following the advanced technologies for quality and most of the companies will have a separate department for the Quality testing.

Apart from situation in the market  QA became a most popular enterprise for the companies that  produce any software. Quality Assurance being in a top position providing holds a vast extent of aspirants in forthcoming years because of it will be a career changing course  for the professionals who want  who want to walk in an admirable path.

QA Online Training From Garuda Trainings:

Quality Assurance(QA) Online Training   from Garuda trainings imparts you the complete knowledge on quality assurance and its benefits which can fetch a well paid job. This Software Testing(QA)  training helps you to lead a great position in Testing field.

What are the requirements?

None, except the interest to learn with basic computer knowledge.

What are you going to get?

  • Over 80+ lectures and software needed to learn.
  • Learn to navigate  perfect in the  job market.
  • Testing of multiple products.
  • Confidence to attend before the interviewer.
  • Comprehensive training to reach in all the fields.

Are you on a path  determined  by your qualification, and not your ambitions? By other people’s opinions, and not your own?  Yes you have chosen a right course to be a in a god profession which would be a career changing opportunity.

What are the  target audience?

  • All who are interested and keen to learn and priority for the beginners.
Course Syllabus

Highlights of our training:


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