SAP BW BI training online

SAP BW BI Online Training

In the current era of technology, Business Intelligence and Business Warehousing are key terms to learn. SAP BI/BW is one the training which consists of both aspects. Garuda Trainings has expert professionals who are sharing their knowledge and providing SAP BI/BW training to the students as well as working/corporate professionals. To understand reporting and warehousing along with all the relevant analytic tools, come and join Garuda Trainings. You will get course content, assistance, dedicated 24*7 support, practical labs along with hands-on experience from our expert professionals.

What is SAP BI/BW?

BI refers to Business Intelligence and BW refers to Business Warehouse. In SAP, they are SAP BI and SAP BW. As business intelligence stands for reporting, analytics, and dealing with data/information, SAP BI is a platform which provides these activities to users. You can perform different tasks like creating reports and using different reporting applications. Similarly, SAP BW is a platform which provides data warehousing to users/businesses. When you are dealing with data/information, then you will have to store that data/information to a place or you need a storage. SAP BW is a platform which provides essential data storage along with necessary tools.

Why Choose SAP BI/BW Training from Garuda Trainings?

In the current era of technology, you should know about how to deal with business information in terms of data reporting, warehousing etc. So “To know about business intelligence tools along with warehousing tools”, “To gain prior knowledge of SAP BI/BW”, “To grab opportunities after pursuing SAP BI/BW training, “To check latest trends/updates in SAP BI/BW”, you must take SAP BI/BW training from Garuda Trainings.

You are now in the right place. At Garuda Trainings, We believe in one motto i.e. Sharing Knowledge via Various Platforms. Our experts have exclusively written the content of SAP BI/BW training so that you will grab the opportunities which will take your career to a new height. Our experts will guide you anytime, anywhere in every possible method.

We are a leading training provider in Information technology. Our experts have represented themselves at various competitions. You can take a draft of course content at our website anytime. Our expert professionals have hands-on professional experience in various technologies including SAP BI/BW. Through our practical labs, you can have a hands-on or real-time experience in SAP BI/BW. Our expert professionals provide 24*7 assistance along with dedicated support.

At Garuda Trainings, We provide online instructor-led training by the industry experts. We provide 24*7 e-learning mode which comprises a full support. While taking SAP BI/BW training from Garuda Trainings, you can experience various skills and advantages.


    • Online training will be an advantage for professionals who are currently working or can’t attend classroom training.
    • 24*7 Assistance with dedicated support team is an advantage.
    • Practical labs which are helpful to get real-time experience.
    • Offers SAP BI/BW training USA Implementation along with key features.
    • Hands-on experience along with practical projects.
    • All the essential tools such as Case Studies and Reporting.
    • Convenient timing and Affordable pricing.

Skills: If you are keen to take SAP BI/BW training from Garuda Trainings, you will develop various skills. Those skills can help you to take advantage in this competitive era along with all the benefits. You can find below a few skills which will help you to learn.

    • Planning and Analyzing
    • Data Warehouse and Reporting
    • Security and Performance
    • Broadcast publishing

Prerequisites for SAP BI/BW Training

At Garuda trainings, our expert professionals have drafted the course content along with the requirements or prerequisites for SAP BW BI Online training. If we talk about prerequisites, there is no such prerequisite for SAP BI/BW training.  But if you are new to technologies like SAP, or if you are an individual who is non-technical and does not know any programming language, then you must check below points which are exclusively drafted by our expert professionals and also desirable.

    • Basic knowledge of Unix/Linux.
    • Basic ERP’s knowledge.
    • Prior knowledge of basic analytics and reporting tools.
    • Overview of maintenance and installation tools.
    • Prior knowledge of technical architecture.

Future Scope of SAP BI/BW Training

Analytics, Reporting, and Warehousing are the terms which have plenty of market share. SAP BI/BW is providing these terms in one training. So in the future, there is a huge scope of SAP BI/BW. Every company or enterprise needs a team for these aspects. So this will create a lot of opportunities for beginners as well as experienced professionals.

At Garuda Trainings, you can also know the future scope of SAP BI/BW training as our experts are also amongst the industry professionals. So if you are planning to take this course training from us, then you must read above aspects which we have mentioned like what is SAP BI/BW, why you should choose this training along with prerequisites.

Along with SAP, if you pursue SAP BI/BW as a career opportunity, then it will be an asset for your portfolio. It won’t limit your career instead of it will add on extra skills.  SAP BI/BW is in enormous demand and also it is one of the most in-use technology in Enterprise companies for reporting and analytics. So it is creating huge career opportunities for young beginners as well as experienced professionals. It also contains different commercial models which can be an asset for beginners as well as experienced.

After pursuing SAP BW BI Online training from Garuda Trainings, you will be a skilled professional with the knowledge of essential tools. If you choose us for this training, then you can get the expertise of our expert professionals with real-time experience from our practical labs. Our 24*7 dedicated team is always ready to help you. We will be more than happy to help you and share our knowledge with you. Join us and learn SAP BI/BW.

Course Curriculum of SAP BI BW Online Training (SAP BW 7.5 on HANA )

Course Content for SAP BI/BW 7.5:

Introduction to SAP Business Intelligence

SAP BW Phases

  • Modeling
  • Extraction
  • Reporting


  • Info Area ,Info Object Catalogs
  • Info Objects(Characteristics & Key Figures)
  • Application Component
  • Data Source
  • Transfer Rules
  • Info Source
  • Update Rules
  • Different types of Routines
  • Info Package
  • Transformations
  • Data Transfer Process(DTP)
  • Error DTP
  • Metadata Repository

BI 7.5 Info Providers

  • Master Data – Attributes, Texts, Hierarchies
  • Standard DSO
  • Write-optimized DSO
  • Direct Update DSO
  • Standard Info Cube
  • Virtual Providers
  • InfoSet
  • MultiProvider
  • Aggregation Level
  • Others
  • Open Hub Destination
  • Analysis Process designer

BW 7.5 Info Providers

  • SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 Features Overview
  • Graphical Data Modeling
  • Graphical Data Flow Modeling Basics
  • Data Flow Copying
  • Data Flow Generation
  • Data Flow Migration
  • Advanced InfoProviders
  • Semantically Partitioned Object (SPO)
  • Hybrid InfoProviders
  • Transient Providers
  • The New BW 7.3 Hierarchy ETL
  • Layers in SAP BW BI

Business Content

  • Importance of Business Content
  • Business Content Installation & Activation
  • Business Content Data Source, DSO’s, Cubes, Reports, etc…
  • Data Acquisition / Data Extraction
  • Flat file Extraction
  • Business Content Extractions using MD/TD SD,MM and FI
  • Logistics Extraction
  • Generic Data Extraction using MD/TD Tables
  • Delta mechanism
  • CO-PA Extraction
  • FI-SL Extraction
  • Data source Enhancement

Process Chains

  • Process Chains, Process Types
  • Scheduling
  • Monitor (Header, Status, Details)
  • Real time scenarios from support projects

Transport Mechanism

  • Review of system Landscape
  • Collecting Objects
  • Creating Transports
  • Releasing Transport
  • Importing and Monitoring Transport


  • Introduction of Various Reporting Tools
  • Functional Overview of Business Explorer Query Designer
  • Introduction of BEx Query
  • Reusable Query Elements
  • Filters, Columns & Rows
  • Characteristic Restrictions & Free Characteristics
  • Formulas & Calculated Key Figures
  • Restricted Keyfigures and Variables with Texts
  • Report to Report Interface or Jump Starts
  • Query Extracts using RSCRM_BAPI
  • Exceptions, Conditions, Structures, Cell Definitions and others

Business Explorer Analyzer

  • Introduction to BEx Analyzer
  • Filtering Option
  • Properties available in Analyzer

Performance Improvement

  • Aggregates
  • Compression
  • Re-Modeling
  • Re- Partitioning
  • Indexes and DB Statistics
  • Number Range Buffering
  • Read Mode & OLAP cache
  • Line Item Dimension & High Cardinality
  • Read Mode & OLAP cache
  • Business Warehouse Accelerator
  • Others

Types of Projects

  • Real Time Implementation Projects
  • Up-Gradation project
  • Enhancements to the existing Implementation project
  • Support projects

Introduction to SAP ABAP

What is SAP

  • SAP Architecture and where ABAP fits in
  • ABAP Development Workbench Tools
  • Object Navigator
  • Workbench Organizer
  • Data Dictionary

ABAP Dictionary

  • Tables
  • Views
  • Lock Objects

ABAP Programming Techniques

  • Reports Statement
  • Line Size
  • Line-count
  • Message
  • Page Heading
  • Report Comment Section
  • Declarations
  • Tables
  • Includes
  • Variables (Data Types and Data Objects)
  • Structures
  • Internal Table
  • Constants

ABAP for SAP BI Consultant

  • Field level Routine
  • Start Routine
  • End Routine
  • Expert Routine
  • Infopackage level Routine
  • DataSource Enhancements


Highlights of our training:

  • Real time Industry Experienced Trainer.
  • 3 months of System Access
  • Online Training gives the flexibility to learn from your desk
  • Interactive Training session using web conferencing tool
  • Normal track, weekend and fast track classes according to convenience
  • Student will be provided session recording capability to record each session
  • Recording will help you to replay the sessions any number of times
  • We provide Training Material, Exercises and Real Time Examples for Course
  • Resume preparation and Certification Guidance
  • We will provide class and demo session at student flexible timings.
  • In training case studies and real time scenarios covered.

About Trainer:

Our Trainer have 12+ years of IT experience in Datawarehousing arena and was involved in global Implementation and Support environments and familiar with SAP BW 7.5,BI,Qlikview,Crystal Reports,SAP ABAP,SQL and also a Freelancer Online Trainer.

Course Duration: