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Selenium Training

In this technological world, most employees are looking to improve their performances and weaknesses. There are a lot of technologies that are responsible for the IT Innovation and keeping more interest in IT Sector. Also, the training is a prime medium by which employees can expand their knowledge.
Selenium is one of the platform which is responsible for the pace of IT innovation. To learn basic fundamentals of Selenium, one can choose Selenium online training and pursue a career in Selenium Technology.

What is Selenium?

In 2004 at ThoughtWorks, Jason Huggins developed Selenium. It was developed as an internal tool. Paul Hammant developed an open source tool i.e. Selenium Remote Control” (RC). Next Year, Dan Fabulich and Nelson Sproul transformed Selenium-RC that received a series of patches. Huggins joined Google in 2007. Meanwhile, Simon Stewart developed a tool WebDriver which was “A Superior browser automation tool”. Google merged two projects in 2009 i.e. Selenium WebDriver, or Selenium 2.0.
Selenium supports different operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. For web applications, Selenium is a testing framework used as a portable software. If you don’t know the test scripting language, it also gives a playback tool i.e. Selenium IDE. Selenese is also a tool which helps developers to use domain-specific language. There are few examples of domain specific languages that are C#, Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP.
As Selenium requires the Apache 2.0 license so it can be downloaded without any cost. Selenium has a number of components that helps in test automation.
Selenium IDE: Created by Shinya Kasatani, Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) was previously known as Selenium Recorder. You can record, edit, and debug easily in this feature. Selenium-IDE was donated to the Selenium in 2006 and then it first came into use in Selenium project
Selenium Client API: Different Programming Languages are used to write tests. In Selenese, Selenium Client API is an alternate to write tests. There are various languages like C#, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript which has client APIs provided by Selenium.
Selenium Web Driver: Selenium Web Driver uses Client API to send commands to the browser. A browser driver has implemented Selenium Web Driver which is responsible for send and receive results. There are various browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Selenium Remote Control: A server is coded in Java and uses HTTP as a receiver for commands in browser is known as Selenium Remote Control. Various languages use client drivers to write tests.

Selenium Grid: A server that allows tests to use web browser is known as Selenium Grid in which instances are actually running on virtual machines. Server also acts as a hub while using Selenium Grid. A lot of testing can be done as it uses remote browser with virtual machines on various operating systems.

Why Choose Selenium Training from Garuda Trainings

We “Garuda Trainings” are one of the best in industry who are providing Selenium training. Garuda Trainings have well experienced professionals who are sharing their knowledge via theoretical and practical method.
You can choose mode of learning at your own convenience as we provide both Selenium training online and offline learning mode. If you are a working professional, you can choose Selenium training online mode to learn Selenium Training.
At Garuda Trainings, We cover all the aspects of course content in Selenium online training. There are few aspects which GarudaTrainings have already been teaching in their Selenium training tutorials.
· Programming Languages (C#, Java, Python, Ruby etc.)
· Components of Selenium
o Selenium IDE
o Selenium Client API
o Selenium RC
o Selenium Web Driver
o Selenium Grid
· Testing Techniques
o Ajax Testing
o Flash Testing
o Database Testing

Having a thought to choose us for the Selenium training? Let’s get familiar with the few advantages of Selenium training from Garuda Trainings which you must check before taking it.
· As Selenium is an open source platform, Garuda Trainings is providing online platform which will help you to take Selenium training.
· We make it easy to implement the key features of Selenium training USA in your job. To execute and learn these features and strategies, we have a team of experts that will help you.
· Our 24×7 support and cooperative sessions will help you to take and get benefits of the Selenium training.
· Our flexible schedule will help you to choose any timing at your own convenience.
· The course content in Selenium Training is drafted by our expert team. So it is an advantage to use their hand-on experience in building your career.
· You can also take real time projects which are originally executed by our students.

Prerequisites for Selenium Training:
There are few prerequisites if you are choosing to purse Selenium Training. We have listed few prerequisites which one should check before pursuing this training.
· Manual Testing
· Programming Fundamentals
· HTML Concepts
· Database Fundamentals

Manual Testing: If you are opting Selenium Training, then you should know manual testing. Selenium also provides automation testing tools so it is essential to have knowledge in Software Development Life Cycle, SDLC Models, Software Test Levels, Software Test Types, Software Test Process or Software Test Life Cycle, Test Planning, Test Design Techniques, and Test Design, Test Execution, and Test Closure.
Programming Fundamentals: To gain knowledge in Selenium, One should have knowledge in programming fundamentals like Comments, Data Types, Modifiers, Variables, Operators, Control Flow, Conditional Statements, Loop Statements, Branching Statements, Array, Array List, Methods, Predefined methods, User defined methods, String Handling, IO Operations, and File Handling, Exception Handling, Object oriented programming, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation.
HTML Concepts: Basic knowledge of HTML concepts is required to take Selenium online training. HTML concepts consists HTML Elements and Operations on Elements, Page, Edit Box, Text Area, Button, Link, Drop down box, List box, Combo box, Check box, Radio button, Web table, and Frame.
Database Fundamentals: As Selenium also includes connection of various databases, so it is essential to have basic knowledge in database fundamentals. Few database fundamentals are used to create Connections between Databases like SQL, MySQL and Oracle, Fetching and Comparison of specific data using SQL Commands.

Future Scope of Selenium Training:
As world is moving towards Automation and Automation Testing is one of the key factors which will play a huge role in it. So Selenium Training becomes more important in era of innovation. As Web Applications are supported by Selenium, so to know more about various platforms like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others, it is essential to learn Selenium Training. You can choose Selenium training online mode as well if you are a working professional. In current industry, Selenium is in a huge demand as it provides a platform to move from manual testing to automation testing.
If you are interested in pursuing your career in testing industry, then you must choose Selenium training from Garuda Trainings. Thinking about Selenium training cost? Don’t think much as we have kept it reasonable enough to be in your budget.
If still you have any doubts, you can easily contact us. Just comment below with your query. Our team would be happy to know about your interest/queries and will guide you to take lead in this competitive world.