What is Tibco

What is Tibco: Tibco is an American company which has its head quarters in Palo Alto, California. It was founded in the year 1988 and Vivek Ranadive is the CEO of TIBCO Software Inc. It is an middleware tool used for different business purposes.
TIBCO acronym is “THE INFORMATION BUS COMPANY”. This middle ware tool has all its advantages because it is independent of any back end and front end.

Architectural benefits of Tibco:

  • Easy to create new subsystems
  • Easy to move subsystems
  • Easy to develop applications
  • Easy to maintain and change applications
  • Higly scalable
  • Location transparency
  • Error management

This Tibco platform is unique in its ability to learn and understand. Tibco develops a product which helps the customers to integrate, manage, and monitor enterprise applications and information delivery. The main objective of this software is to make the business works related to company in ease. Tools for coordinating business processes and workflows, securely exchanging information with trading partners and controlling distributing systems. As Service-oriented architecture (SOA) environment is adopted here and reusable services are gathered to pick general works like business process management and application integration. It also manages the basic partitions on business optimization and process automation.
Types of Interaction of Tibco:
Tibco software supports three different types of interactions in its distributed environments:
Request/Reply interactions
Broadcast request/reply interactions
Publish/subscribe interactions

These are the different types of interactions in Tibco. Tibco is a big network which deals with many modules in the business. Here is a diagram to understand how Tibco works and what are the segments involved.













The popular software of Tibco are TIBCO Active Matrix, TIBCO Active Spaces Datagrid, TIBCO Business Events, TIBCO FTL, TIBCO LogLogic, TIBCO MDM, TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO Silver, TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO tibbr and TIBCO Top Link.

Tibco has increased its customers and sales vast from many years. Their customers include major software companies like Infosys. Their major competitors are IBM. It has a drastic increase in the revenue and number of employees.


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